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Houzez was built with your success in mind

Get more calls, schedule more viewings and earn more commissions

Easy to Get Started

Do you like the demo? Import the provided sample content in a few clicks and start editing it right away

Built-in Monetisation System

No need to install additional plugins to handle money. Send and receive payments straight out of the box

Visual Composer

Not experienced in building websites? Get instant visual feedback by dragging and dropping elements to build pages

Multilingual Support

Our theme fully supports the WPML plugin in case you want to display your content in multiple languages

Membership System

Offer your agents custom subscription levels by varying the number of featured and regular listings

Paid or Free Submissions/Memberships

Charge per listing submission, offer monthly packages or don’t charge anything at all – the choice is yours

Various Header Options

Grab your visitors’ attention with an attractive header. Choose between a slider, video, image or Google maps

Unlimited Layouts

Nothing is set in stone: you can structure your pages exactly how you want without having to write any code

Choice of Listing Templates

Choose from 8 different listing templates and lay them out as lists or grids, full-width or boxed, with a video or an image

Visual Composer Modules

Choose from a number of pre-designed Visual Composer modules and lay out your pages in mere minutes

Revolution Slider

We included this slider plugin as to allow you to build advanced layered sliders with a myriad of options for style and effects

Advanced Search

Help your visitors find the right property by letting them set various search criteria such as size and price range

…and many other cool features…